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Anders Blom


Anders started calling in 1986 in the club Square Dance People Bagarmossen in Stockholm, Sweden where he had learned square dance in 1983. He was calling clubnights for different clubs around the Stockholm area in the levels Basic – Plus. Today he is calling classes and clubnights in the level MS – A2 for several clubs around Mönchengladbach, Germany where he is living. He is also calling A2 – C3A for the Triangles squares.

He has been calling in USA, Japan, Great Britain, Norway, Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republik and of course Sweden & Germany.

He was working 9 years at Bödabaden Square Dance Resort, Öland Sweden, where a lot of square dancers got to know him.

As a former member of SACT (Swedish Association of Teachers & Callers) he served them in the board as Vice President and later as President, today he is a member of ECTA

From my heart:

I LOVE Square Dance in all levels and I want people to dance and have fun.

I LOVE to cook for family and friends

I LOVE to play golf with my best friend from Paderborn (One day I will beat him)

I LOVE my kids and I admire Anne & Lotta for all the things they have done for them

I LOVE my new life in Germany


I HOPE to see you in a square one day



Stand: 30.01.15